My Interests, and My Art

My current project in music is preparing for and and producing a recording of beautiful ballads for trumpet.

I am developing a home-study, tutoring program for students from kindergarten through third grade. I have plans to extend the development of this educational project into an interactive computer program for children.   

With My Teaching Activities at South Shores Magnet School for the Performing and Visual Arts:

1. Our Third Grade Students presented the Spring Art Show in June, 2010,  "Magnificant Creations",  held at South Shores Magnet School for the Performing and Visual Arts. They created a series of trees, reflecting the four seasons.  We focused on the color contrasts and shape differences between the spring, summer, fall, and winter trees.  A different project, with emphasis on color and light, were glittering, glowing butterflies.  The children also designed and created silk dyed butterflies, which consisted of animated images of  bright dancing colors and playful shapes. 

2.  For my third grade students, I have been organizing a great variety of "hands on" math activities and games, providing them with opportunities to practice multiplication, division, and fractions.  My students are particularly excited about geometry.  They enthusiastically enjoy constructing buildings and figuring out the volume!