Here are Photographs of Activities at South Shores Magnet School for the Performing And Visual Arts, Including Musical Productions, the Art Show, Science Fair... and More. (2006 - 2009)

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Blowfish in the Musical production, "Commotion in the Ocean".

Sabrinah Muyskens after completion of the mural - scenery for "Commotion in the Ocean".

Sea Maidens in "Commotion in the Ocean".

Sabrinah Muyskens in front of Scenery for "Commotion in the Ocean".

Mural - Scenery designed and organized by Sabrinah Muyskens, featuring students' art creations from K - 2nd grade.

Little Sea Princesses, "Commotion in the Ocean" production.

Sabrinah Muyskens with two students in front of the "Under the Sea" mural in the Art Show, Warner Grand Art Gallery.

"Under the Sea" Art Project by Ms. Muyskens' Third Graders, Warner Grand Art Gallery, Los Angeles.
Making the mural in out third Grade Classroom. Gluing seaweed onto the class mural, Under the Sea".
Sabrinah Muyskens standing in front of the Third Graders' flower paintings in the Art Show. Ms. Muyskens with a student in front of the Third Graders' Flower Paintings...Art Show.
Flower Paintings, Art Show More Flower Paintings, Third Grade Art Show.
Two Third Grade students, observing real flowers, mixing paints, and painting flowers. Third Graders looking at real flowers, drawing them, mixing paints, using primary colors, and painting them.
On stage, Sabrinah Muyskens with Cowgirls in the production, "It's A Small World". My second Grade class represented the United States, featuring the music of the American composer, Aaron Copland. Cowboys in our Copland presentation in the Primary Production, "It's A Small World".
Three Cowgirls in front of the mural for our Copland Presentation. Sabrinah Muyskens in front of Class Mural.
Class Mural for our Copland Presentation. The Second graders entered the auditorium in procession to Copland's inspiring "Fanfare" and danced to "Rodeo". Three Cowboy dancers.
Class mural by our Second Grade students. Cowboy dancers.
Sabrinah Muyskens with Second Grade Class, Science Fair. Second Grade students, Science Fair.